Development, production and designing of complex control and surveillance systems in electric power industry.
For this sector, we have implemented the systems that manage and control the entire exchange of electric power in Croatia which was one of the basic conditions for the Croatian Electric Power Supply company (HEP) to achieve its independence as a national electric power industry in the international association of electric power companies. As a part of the delivery of these systems, we have implemented control systems based on industrial personal computers with our own programming language as well as a series of special electronic devices of our own structure for processing and transferring of measurements.


Production of font cartridges for laser and Inkjet printers for special markets.
Majur- electronics is the leading company in this area. We have delivered over 29.000 pieces. Our buyers of these products are major OEMs in the area of laser and ink-jet printers (HP and Lexmark), as well as numerous distributors and dealers operating mainly in the region of Central and Eastern European countries.


Production of special devices for the use of the Ministry of Defense.
These devices include sophisticated electronic systems of internal communication on combat ships.


MAJUR hotel service.
With the help of experience and needs of the other part of the company, MAJUR - hotel service, we have developed an alarm system from hotel rooms based on the technology of radio transfer of data. These systems are the most modern solutions that could be offered only by a limited number of companies.


Wireless fire-alarm system TEMA80AW.
Since 2002 MAJUR has been intensively working on the application of wireless technology in professional solutions. By the end of 2003, that work resulted in wireless fire-alarm system TEMA80AW which so far (May 2006) has been the only system of that kind with all the necessary certificates required for Croatian market.


Automation of tourist facilities.
In 2006 we finished the development and made first deliveries in automation of tourist facilities. Complete solutions of the needs of this industry give answers to the needs ranging from smallest apartment renters to big tourist complexes.

TEMA80AW wireless fire alarm system in the restaurant Elegant in Vinkovci
A fire alarm system TEMA80 is set in the restaurant Elegant in Vinkovci . This project is endorsed wireless system within the premises who are engaged in catering .>>>
TEMA80AW wireless fire alarm system in the building CROZ in Zagreb
The system wireless fire alarm TEMA80 is set in the building CROZ in Zagreb . The system is set up in the three-storey building . This project confirmed the benefits of wireless system.>>>


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